Classy Yet Comfortable in the Cold

Classy Yet Comfortable in the Cold

With all of the fashionable options available in our market, there's no need for your sense of style to suffer due to the frigid temperatures.  Instead of oversized hoodies and sweatpants opt for apparel that's full coverage and fully lined.  There are a few pieces that everyone should have in their closet specifically for this time of year.

  • A hooded or turtleneck poncho would be an excellent choice for those lazy days we all have and love.  While it is oversized, there are lots of fabric, pattern, & accent options available for you to choose from to add your sense of style to your look.
  • Fleece lined leggings.  The fleece lining is key here because it allows you to accent your curves while maintaining the warmth you will surely need when you're out on the town.  Often times the quality is reflected in the price.  We understand some leggings are as low as $7 but keep in mind that you get what you pay for in most cases.  Don't sacrifice your comfort level because of the cheaper price.
  • A cross-body bag brings joy while you're in transit by keeping your valuables close to you while allowing your hands to stay warm in your pockets.  A cross-body bag gives you a little more security than a shoulder bag or clutch would by the strap fitting diagonally across your body. 
  • Long sleeved evening dresses.  These do exist and we're thankful that we no longer have to freeze in the name of fashion.  Select your fabric depending on your normal body temperature.  If you have a hot nature you'll want to go with lighter fabrics like a soft cotton or polyester blend which give you the upper body coverage you need without making you overheat.  If you have a cold nature definitely select heavier fabrics like wool blends to keep you warm & cozy.

Keep these truths in mind on your next shopping adventure!

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