About Us

True Beautique provides feel great clothing apparel and beauty accent statement accessories to allow you to fashionably express your true beauty by supporting your individual style.  All items are TRUE. in size to fit you and are only stocked in minimum quantities to reduce the likelihood of you arriving to your destination with a fashion twin.

Our TRUE Beauties & Beaus are anchored in love and possess a passion for life and living each moment in style.

Texas based True Beautique is conveniently located to share our truths at fashion engagements, beauty events, & pop-up shops throughout the nation in addition to our online beautique.  Our expectation is that True Beautique will remind our True Beauties of just how beautiful they are with our doses of truth.  

Don't follow the crowd any longer, celebrate your individuality by staying true to you.  

Shop all things beautiful today!  Shop TRUE apparel and accents to highlight without distracting from the true beauty of you! Be sure to follow us on social media.  @shopTRUEbeautique #shopTRUEbeautique

We are planning for our TRUE Babies line for to be available in the future.

Please email our team of personal stylists if you are seeking but did not find the item or size you are looking for.  We will do our best to locate the exact or similar item just for you!

  • General Inquiries: info@truebeautique.com
  • Sales Inquiries: sales@truebeautique.com