Count Yourself In!

Count Yourself In!

We reach our greatest potential by persevering thru times of adversity.  The year 2020 has shown us that the time is now to not just survive, we have to thrive.  While tensions are high from Covid-19 and the current racial injustices across America, one thing holds TRUE and that is we are all better when we unite together.

The influx of unverified information is at an all time high & can be very overwhelming.  Do not make the mistake of assuming to know what a person does offline based on what they do or do not post online.  There are 24 hours in a day and you do not have visibility to see what they do with every minute of their day.  You have to remind yourself that you are not required to take it all in at once.  When you do feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically up for engaging I encourage you to count yourself in! 

Our social media platforms are one way to voice our opinions; however, more effective ways include peaceful protesting, reaching out to local politicians, supporting activist, donating, signing petitions, educating ourselves & only spending our dollars where our cause will be benefited most.  In our current state this means as minorities it is critical that we only buy black & support all minority small businesses.  Our purchasing power is and has always been one of our greater strengths.  We are overdue in exercising this strength and will be most effective only if we all follow suit.

In order to better our current situation we have to:

  • Acknowledge injustices as they are and with no excuses
  • Be honest about how you feel.  Your actual feelings will determine the courses of action you need to take to bring positive change.
  • Hold every wrongdoer accountable
  • Resist the urge to share unverified information.  Conflicting information is the result of only pieces of the puzzle being shared.  Unless you're present at all times there's no way for you to know everything that happens.
  • Protect our family and those closest to us
  • Keep the peace among each other
  • Vote not only in the next Presidential but also in your local elections

One thing that's certain is that a change will come.  We might not know how and we don't know when but if we persist we will win!


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