How Independent Are You?

How Independent Are You?

A message from TRUE's Owner Alex M.

July 4th is known as Independence Day; a day dedicated to celebrating the 1776 liberation of The United States of America from British rule.

A synonym for liberation is release. On this day I challenge you to think back to a time when you personally felt your independence - liberation - release.

The reality is that although July 4th is  traditionally a celebration of American freedom, at that time not all were free.

In fact today, some of us may be struggling with our own issues of freedom.

Take a quick self assessment and ask yourself how free are you truly? What areas of your life could you benefit from a release?

The questions I'm posing stretch far beyond a mere physical freedom, but include mental, spiritual, & emotional freedom as well.

We all define our freedom differently and have different paths; whether TRUE Beauti or True Beau your path in our network is valuable. Therefore always remember:

  • You have to have a plan.  Write it down and take yourself seriously.
  • You never have to give up on your goals no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Little progress is much better than no progress. Keep going!

I felt the weight of my independence literally somewhere between age eighteen when my daughter was on the way and four days after my nineteenth birthday when she arrived.

It was during that time that I realized that my little person would look to me to both guide and provide.  I recognized that I had to be mindful of not just my words but of my actions as I would set the example I'd want her to follow.

For the life I wanted I had to figure out how to finish undergraduate school in four years and finish graduate school in two years while caring for her and still pursuing my passion. To assert my independence and be released from statistics and stigmas that surrounded me I made up my mind.

To succeed I:

  • Freed my mind of of all opinions other than those who were helping me to position myself and my daughter in the best possible space.  Once you identify which opinions matter, you'll be less likely to let those that don't matter affect you.
  • Leaned on spiritual guidance knowing that there's a higher power that was guiding me in my decisions.  We do have free will, but there should be an inner voice that speaks to you to help you along the way.
  • Learned to express myself more vocally instead of bottling up my emotions.  You have to be unapologetically comfortable enough with yourself and how you feel in order to freely express your feelings.

Doing these things allowed me to center in and focus on the goals I needed to accomplish, and I did!  I went to school in the Summer to make up for the semester I would be off in undergrad and did a combination of on-site and online classes for grad school while working.

This was the path I chose because my goal was to be done with school when she started school.

If you do not regularly set goals there’s no better day than today to start & plan to achieve them.

Stay TRUE.


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