Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

In reading the title for this month's blog you may have assumed with everything going on in the world that this is another piece on what to do to stay physically safe.  Yes, we do want and strongly encourage our TRUE Beauties and Beaus to take all precautionary measures to stay physically safe; however, this month's blog is focusing on your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well.  Look in your closets, look in your garage, look around your home, and you'll see that there's not a material possession you own valued more than your internal health.  

During this critically sensitive time it's a must that you guard your mind.  There's an influx of news being shared right now that may or may not have been proven to be true prior to sharing.  Receiving too much of this information at a time can be overwhelming and lead to heightened worry, anxiety, and stress which weaken your immune system making it more difficult for you to fight off illness.  It's important now more than ever for you to be very selective in what you read and see daily.  Release the worries that are weighing you down so that you're able to restore your mental strength.

Everything you focus your mind on will without a doubt play into how you feel, your emotions.  In order to get through the complexities of life you have to be honest with others and most importantly with yourself about how you feel.  Being TRUE to your feelings will allow you to live more freely and TRUE to who you are in this moment without carrying the weight of denial about how you truly feel.  Looking forward to the day when "I'm fine" is no longer an acceptable answer to how we feel.  Being fine is not a feeling, dig deeper into "I'm happy because..." "I'm hurt because..." "I'm fearful because..." "I'm excited because..." Rest in knowing that you do not have to carry the weight of this world alone for you are never really alone if you welcome those who love and are sent to you to join you on your journey.

To keep your spirit in tact you have to control your energy, your space.  Be anchored or grounded while remembering that we don't carry a spirit of fear, we carry one of peace, faith, hope, & love.  The goal is to discover healthy ways to lift your spirits.  Try taking a break from your new normal a few times throughout the day to:

  • Read a positive message
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Chat with a TRUE Beauti or Beau in your life
  • Exercise
  • De-clutter your living space
  • Rearrange something that's been the same too long
  • Make reasonable purchases you feel good about to give you a boost of forward moving energy. 

Our physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health truly are keys to our wealth.  If you can master maintaining good health in these areas then you can definitely master anything that you’re faced with in this thing call life.

As always stay safe and stay TRUE.

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