Help Yourself So Others Will Too

Help Yourself So Others Will Too

In this season it is imperative that you give over 100% of effort to your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  When you’re putting your all towards something meaningful, those who are aligned to help you along the way will see your work and naturally gravitate to you.  The key here is that people have to see what effort you’re putting in, in order to assist.

At times it can feel like you’re all alone in your pursuits, but in actuality it’s possible that you haven’t properly aligned yourself to receive all of the great things that are designed and meant specifically for you.

Here are a few tips to help you help yourself:

• Have an open mind

Be open to knowing and trusting that what is meant for you will be.  You have to mentally be prepared to recognize your opportunities and act on them without hesitation when you know the time is right.

• Create a positive, forward moving environment for yourself

You can’t always control your environment but you can always control how you allow your environment to impact you.  Choose to see all that is good and those things that will help you on your journey in your environment in a positive light.

• Try something new regularly

Set routines become mundane and tend to negatively impact your life.  Refresh your mind, spirit, and creative flow by trying something new that you've either always wanted to do or never thought you would do.  Both will result in you having a refreshed, energized perspective regarding what's coming next. 

• Organize your thoughts

Clutter and chaos can make planning feel impossible.  De-clutter your mind by journaling your thoughts, then prioritize your actions by scheduling your activities to prevent the overwhelming feeling of everything happening all at once.

• Plan then do 

Simply stated you have to strategically plan how you're going to accomplish your goals then do just that.  Be sure to stay TRUE to you throughout the entire process.


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