How Do You Decompress?

How Do You Decompress?

In life you'll face many obstacles that will attempt to distract you from where your focus should be.  By prioritizing your life, you'll clearly be able to identify those aspects of life that require your undivided attention.  In order for you to fully pursue your goals it's essential that you master the art of letting go. You have to be able to release all unnecessary pressures related to those things that do not support your top priorities.  You have to decompress, relax, unwind, and then focus back in on what matters most.  

How do you decompress?  How do you force negative energy out of your personal space so that you can continue on a positive path? Below are some TRUE tips on how to decompress when you feel pressed or stressed.

  • Clean House. An organized living space will naturally make you feel better and more in control no matter what comes your way.
  • Eat a balanced meal.  Heightened frustrations can sometimes be attributed to being "hangry," angry because you're hungry. 
  • Exercise.  Moving around and increasing your circulation will help energy flow.  Trust and know that you'll find yourself more at peace & happier after a good workout.  Plus you'll look better too!
  • Step Outside.  Get some fresh air and take in some sun which's rich in vitamins.
  • Journal. Write out exactly how you feel to remove those thoughts from your mind.  Make a habit of this to keep you from bottling up your emotions.
  • Read a book.  Escape the concerns of your day into a book that excites, intrigues, & interests you.
     Overall pay attention to yourself.  You'll know when you need to decompress when the weight of what's going on feels too heavy.  The key is to not allow yourself to carry the weight, instead you have to do something about it.  Incorporate these tips and hopefully you'll feel the weight lifted and back to your TRUE self in no time.  Time's not meant to be wasted on what's not necessary.  Time is the one thing that once it's gone we can never get it back.  Enjoy your time as often as you can and make sure you always stay TRUE.
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