Life Made Me A Cynic, Love Made Me Optimistic

Life Made Me A Cynic, Love Made Me Optimistic

When I was affectionately told I was cynical as a teen I had no idea what it meant nor did it matter at the time.  Being affectionately told I was cynical as a young adult intrigued me to learn more about the meaning behind the word.

By definition the meaning of cynical is: Having the untrusting belief that only selfishness motivates human actions; not believing in disinterested points of view; feeling uncertain if something will happen or if it is worth the effort spent.

When I looked back on my teen years I could pinpoint exactly what would cause me to believe that people were untrustworthy, selfish, & that the future was uncertain.  At a point in my life my entire world was turned upside down without clear explanation causing me to navigate through the upcoming years primarily emotionally & mentally independently of anyone around.

As an adult I don’t view the outlook as cynical at all, I view it as my reality at times that quite possibly can only be understood by myself & the higher powers above.

Since then, true love taught me that people can be motivated by love alone.  A very pure form of caring, concern, passion, & protection does exist and my hope is that you all never give up without experiencing it.  With love comes a hope and a confidence in something greater than individuals themselves.  I learned that sometimes people’s actions are intended to protect instead of harm you regardless of the ultimate result. To avoid feelings of distrust and uncertainty it’s essential that difficult conversations take place.

  • Ask questions
  • Don’t assume
  • Allow yourself to feel exactly how you feel
  • Clearly communicate how you feel
  • Be confident in your quest for understanding
  • Take the necessary actions to cope with your circumstances in a healthy way

By doing these things you empower yourself to take control of what you go thru instead of allowing what you go thru to control you.  Take charge of every moment you are allowed and leave a little bit of room for a whole lot of love.

As always stay TRUE. - Happy Shopping!

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