The More You Know: Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD)

The More You Know: Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD)

It's no coincidence that Seasonal Affective Depression is abbreviated as SAD.  As the seasons change, so do our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  If you're like most of us the frigid weather can at times give you a frigid outlook on life as it stands.  In coping with Seasonal Affective Depression it's important for you to always remember that seasons change and what you are feeling, whether it be an extreme high or an extreme low, is temporary.  This helps balance your thoughts & it's necessary to keep your feelings and emotions in perspective as the seasons change.

If by chance you find yourself with low energy, changes in appetite, loss of interest, trouble sleeping, difficulty focusing, easily irritated, or worse especially during the holidays, it's important that you acknowledge how you feel and then do something about it.  Don't loose hope or be tempted to give up now, you've come to far.  Instead, get busy actively fighting for a sound mind. 

Here are a few thoughts to help you center in on what really matters

  • Basic Needs - Do you have food, clothing, & shelter?
  • Health - Are you physically able to do the things you need to?  
  • Love & Support - Whether it be a significant other, family, friends, coworkers, or others; do you have the love & support from at least one person who you interact with regularly?

If you answered yes to one or all of these then you are in a much better position than you know.  Be patient with yourself, take it one day at a time until the seasons change, and as always be TRUE.

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