See The Big Picture

See The Big Picture

In order to "See The Big Picture" you first have to confidently know that what is currently within your view isn't all that there is to see.  At times life has a way of being so intense that we only focus on what is right in front of us causing us to loose sight of integral pieces of our life puzzle.

The reality of the matter is that what we know and see is never all there is for us to experience.

Whether you're going thru the best or worst times in your life be encouraged to "See The Big Picture."  Open your mind to see beyond what is apparent to tap into everything that is possible.  In a perfect world our best times would last forever and our worst times would never exist.  The truth is that we need both in order to have enough balance in our lives to remain humble. 

There are so many moving parts in our lives that it would not make sense to only focus on one aspect out of many.

Here are a few tips to help you stay focused & "See The Big Picture"

  • Set & write down goals for the next three stages of your life - three years, five years, & ten years.  Think on your goals regularly to prevent yourself from becoming complacent in your current situation.
  • Envision yourself achieving your goals and the place and space you would be in when you do so.  We need a true visualization that feels real to look forward to in order to keep going. 
  • Travel!  A change of scenery will do your outlook a world of wonder.
  • Learn something new.  As you navigate thru life continually learning you will in turn continue to progress.
  • Share your gift with the world.  We all have a unique quality that causes people to gravitate more to us because of it.  That is your gift!  The more you share your gift, the more you will see how many people need it in their lives.  Your purpose is much greater than you and by sharing your gift you'll witness this first hand.

Enjoy your August & everything it brings.  Through it all make sure you do the work to "See The Big Picture."

#ForeverLove 🕊🕊🕊

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