Shop Smarter This Holiday Season

Shop Smarter This Holiday Season

Hi TRUE Beauties and Beaus!  During this holiday season we want to help you shop smarter.  There's really no need to go into extreme amounts of debt during this time of year when the best gifts of all are FREE.  Give more love, peace, patience, & time to those you love above everything else.

If you do want to exercise your purchasing power take these tips into consideration while doing so.

  • Make a list of who you'd like to shop for this holiday season.
  • Prioritize your list based on those closest to or who are the most meaningful to you.
  • Set a budget per person that does not exceed your total budget to spend this holiday season.
  • Once you've made all of your purchases within your budget do yourself a favor and stay out of the malls, shopping centers, & online stores (even TRUE, lol!).
  • If you do have to make last minute purchases, go for what's on SALE.  Sales are everywhere this time of year.  Instead of making an expensive purchase out of desperation, opt for super sales created just for last minute shoppers. 

It cannot be stressed enough that the greatest gift of all is TRUE LOVE.  Keep that in mind while shopping and enjoy your time with those you love.


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