Stop What You’ve Been Doing & Truly Take Care of Your Temple

Stop What You’ve Been Doing & Truly Take Care of Your Temple

In thinking of how to compose this blog I hesitated a few times knowing that during our current worldly state many have done everything within their power to take care of their temple to no avail.  With those people in mind I want to do my part to create a continued awareness on my platform for TRUE Beauties and Beaus to pay special attention to what you allow yourself to be exposed to during such a critical time.  

With regards to health, many of the issues we face are directly related to our diet.  Diet for this purpose is not referring to a strict program for weight loss or gain but more so for great health.

  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! More water less or no sugar.  For non-water drinkers try adding lemon or lime juice, cucumbers, or fruit to your water to enhance the taste. 
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits & veggies.  I know this can be hard for some but a homemade smoothie packed with everything you need is an alternative way to get the nutrients you need for the day.
  • If you typically prefer steak and pork try substituting them out for a leaner meat, chicken or even fish.
  • Exercise then rest.  It's estimated that 30 mins of exercise a day is enough to get your heart rate up.  It sounds odd coming from me to tell you to rest but it is in fact one of the keys to great health.  If by chance you have difficulty falling asleep like me try our trio of TRUE Wellness Teas packaged by Dr.Tracy Dorsey of Preventive Medical 45 minutes before bedtime.

With regards to your physical presence at events and other occasions, it is your right and completely ok for you to stay in instead of going to attend.  For many of us Covid 19 has cleared our calendars and the additional time brings on feelings of wanting to be in the mix, boredom, or doing things just because; however, as the positive numbers rise I encourage you to stay home as often as possible.and channel that energy into your passion.  You'll find that your time will be better spent on what's meant to grow you instead of feeding into what's unnecessary due to idle time.  When you do meet up with friends and family be sure to meet up with a purpose.  A purpose that helps make this world a better place would be perfect right now and I'm sure would be well appreciated.  Here are a few ideas.

  • For creatives & business owners- Meet up to create a product, for example masks to donate or sell, to create content for your business, or to volunteer at food drives or protests for justice to bring an end to racial inequality
  • For friends & families- Once a week have dinner, movie or game night, or midday brunch then spend the other six days with who should be your best friend, YOURSELF.

It takes a strong love from within to be able to sit with and love yourself by yourself.  Don't take this time for granted.  If by chance you've lost touch with who you are and what you love now's the time to tap back into her or him and recreate yourself. 

Be mindful of what you do and where you travel to, always keep a mask on hand, be well, and as always stay TRUE.  

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