The Secret Is That We All Need Help

The Secret Is That We All Need Help



What an unpredicatable Septovember (September, October, November) we're having.  I firmly believe that we are all getting through the Covid19 pandemic & life by helping each other.  There's no one person who can handle all of the challenges of living life without receiving and more importantly giving help when it's truly needed. 

This is not the season to allow your pride, stubbornness, or your ego to stand in the way of you receiving the help you need or helping someone when it's needed.  Helping is in no way limited to finances.  It also includes time, an encouraging message, or even simply being an ear to listen. 

Take a minute and think about who's offered to help you along the way.  While it's true that we all don't always have an abundance of helping hands, it's also true that there's at least one person who came to mind that's offered to help.  I encourage you to take them up on their offer if you honestly need it.  Avoid rejecting or taking advantage of the help you're fortunate enough to have because one day you may find yourself in need without that resource due to your lack of appreciation.

At times we don't realize how much we need someone to simply be present.  Instead of focusing on who isn't there for you, channel all of your energy on & appreciate who is. We are only ever really alone when we force ourselves to be. I'm here to remind you that you're never alone.  Speak up and welcome the chance to receive and give help in love.

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Be safe and as always stay TRUE. 

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