You knew or you know?

You knew or you know?

Something about us changes with every passing day. Things of the past become a faint memory as time progresses.  In my opinion, it’s impossible for someone from years ago or even months ago to know who you are because what you’ve gone through overtime has reshaped who you are. They may actually be clueless if they’re not one who stays in consistent communication with you.

When I say consistent, it doesn’t mean you have to talk every day. It could be once every week or two or even once a month for updates, but there has to be some form of communication.

I know, I know, social media makes us feel like we’re in consistent communication with everybody but that’s just not true.  If we’re being TRUE. to our relationships, we have to make an honest effort to be in the know on what’s going on with the people we know, care about, and love.

Now, yes, those of the past may know who you are at your core, your values, and your principles because if your foundation is solid, those things won’t necessarily change day by day but who you are today is not or let me say should not be who you were yesterday.


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