How To Guide To Brand Promotions

Step 1

Apply to get licensed to pour.

Complete the TABC seller training.

Step 2

Download your license to pour and save it in your photos as a favorite. It’ll have to be renewed every two years at the same link above.

Step 3

Locate promotional agencies that market liquor brands.  On do a simple Google search using keyword, liquor promotion, liquor brand ambassador, liquor model etc.

Step 4

Apply to the promotional agencies you locate. Look on their websites for a section that states work for us, join the team, get started today, etc.  You’ll enter your information, upload your license to pour, and your drivers license.  This will create your profile in their system. 

Step 5

Review & Submit your profile to request the specific liquor tasting days, times, stores you want to work.  The agencies regularly post days times and stores that are available.  In most cases it’s your responsibility to review the list and request to work.  In some cases you will submit your availability and the agencies will appoint you to specific tastings based on your level of availability.

Best wishes & always be TRUE.